Taitung Shoreline – A feast of art and literature by the sea

The long coastline of Taitung boasts the most beautiful bay and beach on the island of Taiwan. The inspiration of the sea brings vitality and imagination. The vast ocean along the coast and the rolling waves attract many foreigners to fight with the sea during the surfing season. The charm of the sea also attracts many art and literary workers to live by the sea, listening to the waves and getting up at sunrise. Dulan Sugar Factory is a gathering place for art and music, attracting many art and literary lovers to come for pilgrimage. In addition, the handicrafts of the aboriginal tribes give the area a unique look.

Dulan Sugar Factory Café and Art Gallery
都蘭新東糖廠 Dulan Sugar Refinery-Discover Taitung-(出處:Nobel Liu)

( Photo: IG @Nobel Liu )

Dulan seems to be a creator’s muse, while Dulan Sugar Factory Café and Art Gallery is the cradle of art in Taitung. It provides a creative settlement for artists from Taitung and overseas, just like a small fire to warm up the passion for creation! As soon as you walk into the park, different small buildings, which each have unique and colorful painted walls, will meet your eye. It welcomes visitors with a full hipster-style and artistic atmosphere. If you like to visit cultural and creative markets, or see art exhibitions, we believe you will appreciate Dulan Sugar Factory, situated just a few steps from the sea in Taitung.

Dulan Sugar Factory Café and Art Gallery was formerly a private sugar factory during the Japanese Occupation. Completed in 1937, it had three parts: the sugar factory, office and dormitory. The sugar factory closed in the 1990s, and was later revitalized under the initiative of the government to become the Dulan Sugar Factory Café and Art Gallery. There are artist studios, cafes, and large stage for performances in the park. On weekends, there are also cultural and creative markets with a variety of hand-made products. In the evening, musical performances by the sea in the park makes the atmosphere more exciting. Do not miss this exciting musical, romantic atmosphere.

Opening Hours: Saturday and Sunday 10:00~17:00

Closed Days: Open all year round

Contact Number: 08 953 1212

Address: No. 61, Dulan Village, Donghe Township, Taitung County

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