• 知本老爺
  • 知本老爺
  • 知本老爺

Hotel Royal Chihpen 

Imagine yourself amidst immaculate mountains and forests, surrounded by the calming sounds of nature. Located in the Chihpen Scenic Area in Beinan Township, the Hotel Royal Chihpen is East Taiwan’s first International Hot Springs Resort. Just a stone’s throw away from the stunning Chihpen National Forest Recreation Area, soak away your worries while enjoying the scenic mountain views at the Hotel Royal Chihpen.

The Hotel Royal Chihpen offers three different bathing areas: the Tianmu Bath, Xincai Bath, and Xingyue Bath. The Tianmu Bath is comprised of four different pools: the Elderly Pool, Golden Pool, Medical Stone Pool, and Marble Pool for those more inclined to bathe in total privacy, The Xincai Bath is decorated with historic mosaic tiles to provide guests with a nostalgic atmosphere. The bath also has four different temperature pools as well as a wonderful steam room for guests looking for an alternative to hot spring soaking. The Xingyue Bath is located outdoors on the hillside and is a nude hot spring area. The hot spring water is taken from thermal springs 650 meters underground and is rich in calcium carbonate deposits. Japanese Hot Spring experts fittingly call this type of spring a “beauty bath” due to the positive effects the calcium carbonate has on one’s skin.

Whether you enjoy the indoor baths inside the hotel or prefer outdoor baths where you can be closer to nature, the Hotel Royal Chihpen has something for everyone!

No. 23, Lane 113, Longquan Road, Beinan Township

Official Website:https://www.hotelroyal.com.tw/chihpen/

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