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Luminous Hot Spring Resort

Next time you are in the Luye Highlands attending the Hot Air Balloon Festival, why not also check out the nearby Luminous Hot Spring Resort? As the nearest hot spring hotel to the Luye Highlands, the resort offers a panoramic view of the Rift Valley as well as the banks of the Luming Creek.

As soon as you enter the lobby you will see that the Luminous Hot Spring Resort is fittingly decorated with a multitude of Austronesian motifs. There are also a variety of room types for travelers to choose from according to their specific needs. For those who have brought pets with them on their vacation, the “Luyuan Pet Room” is a pet-friendly double room that includes various amenities for your furry friend. For couples, the resort also offers a “Honeymoon Suite” with romantic views and an elegant atmosphere. The “Deluxe Room” offers panoramic views overlooking the distant mountains, while the resort also features rooms with high vaulted ceilings for travelers looking for a spacious and luxurious experience. Many other convenient accommodation options are available for all types of travelers.

The Luming Hot Spring Resort offers private hot spring baths in each of its hotel rooms., Rich in trace mineral elements beneficial to the human body, the hot spring water for each private bath is drawn directly from the thousand-year-old Hongye Hot Springs, a natural sulfur hot spring located at the riverbed of Luye Creek’s valley. After soaking away your worries, take a relaxing morning stroll in the nearby mountains and forests. This winter, come to Luye and take just a bit of time to slow down and enjoy the beauty of life!

No. 200, Section 1, Zhonghua Road, Luye Township

Official Website:http://www.lmresort.com.tw/

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