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The golden ears of grain gently swaying in the Autumn wind signal the coming of the annual rice harvest in addition to another year of the Chishang Autumn Harvest Festival. Though markedly different from a grand production at the National Concert Hall in Taipei, the performances here have their own distinct charm and allure. The resplendent scenery of the Autumn rice fields serves not only as a majestic backdrop for each year’s rousing performances but also as the soul of the show, as each ear of rice softly sways in the breeze as if welcoming each distinguished guest to Chishang.

Imagine yourself sitting upon a raised platform surrounded by endless fields of golden rice stalks. They rustle in the wind as a gentle zephyr carries the melodic tunes of each performance to your keen ears. While you admire the lofty Central Mountain Range in the distance, you are reminded of a saying that goes “In the East Rift Valley, we thank Heaven and Earth for all of its blessings”. For the past 12 years, appreciating nature’s blessings has been the mandate of our festival. Through each year’s heart-fully prepared performances, we hope to convey this important message to our audience.

This 2020, the stage was set once again for another magnificent performance.

2020’s festival featured a star-studded lineup of performers throughout Taiwan. Jokingly referring to himself as “the hometown boy”, Sangpuy is a musician from Taitung’s Puyuma tribe. Born in Katratripulr village, his soulful hymns sung in the Indigenous Puyuma language convey the immense sense of respect and admiration that the Puyuma people have for the land.

Crowd Lu, with his quirky playful style, strums out a few lively tunes, as his body sways along with the rhythm. Following Lu’s enthusiastic performance, Ayal Komod, an Amis singer from Hualien, performs a medley of his most popular hit songs. A nature lover himself, Ayal Komod feels right at home performing under the open air with the majestic mountain landscapes behind him. His heartfelt songs resonate with the audience as they instinctively start to sing along.

With the atmosphere reaching a climax, Taitung native A-Lin comes on stage to perform four of her most loved classics. Dedicating her performance to the beautiful natural scenery of Chishang, her powerful voice permeates the air with immense character and emotion.

Even after leaving Chishang and returning to the city, one cannot forget the wholehearted and passionate performances experienced that afternoon. Whenever one thinks of the melodies of that day, one can’t help but conjure up images of the golden rice fields and towering mountains of Chishang. The Chishang Autumn Harvest Festival truly allows the audience to experience the bounty and natural beauty of the East Rift Valley. With a deeper appreciation for nature’s abundant blessings, one can only eagerly wait in anticipation for next year’s rousing festival performances.

2009-2020 Chishang Autumn Harvest Festival Performances Year by Year

Year Theme Artist
2009 Chen Guan Yu Piano Recital Chen Guan Yu
2010 Ye Shuhan Brass Quintet Ye Shuhan Brass Quintet
2011 A Musical Feast Set Amongst the Fields and Mountains Philharmonia Moments Musicaux
2012 Chishang Autumn Harvest Festival X U-Theatre U-Theatre Taiwan
2013 Rural Imagery / Cloud Gate Dance Theater Cloud Gate Dance Theater
2014 A-mei: Music of the Land A-Mei
2015 U-Theatre : Timeless U-Theatre Taiwan
2016 A-Lin: Homecoming/Harvest A-Lin
2017 Wu Bai & China Blue : The First Rays of Light Wu Bai & China Blue
2018 Pine Smoke by Lin Hwai-Min Cloud Gate Dance Theater
2019 Sunshine Avenue X The Mighty Ocean Chyi Yu, Chen Jian Nian
2020 A Prayer To the Gods of Harvest Sangpuy, Crowd Lu, Ayal Komod, Eve Ai, A-Lin, Eggplant Egg

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