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Pasi means “toward”, while wali means “orientation”. Pasiwali means “to the east”. The Taiwan Pasiwali Music Festival brings enthusiasm to indigenous music. The first two events were held in Taoyuan and Kaohsiung, to allow the world to get to know Taiwan through indigenous music.

The proportion of the indigenous population of Taitung accounts for around 33.3% of the population, and the cultural atmosphere and artistic style of the tribes have united the unique cultural features of Taitung. Since the last session was hosted by Taitung County, an international element has been introduced for the first time, and the music festival has combined the indigenous singer orchestra at home and abroad, and the name has been changed to the Taiwan Pasiwali Festival. It not only promotes international music and cultural exchanges, but also the vitality of ethnic music from all over the world. It makes the audience happy and offers them unforgettable music nights!

This year’s Taiwan Pasiwali Festival was held at Taitung Forest Park from August 2nd to 4th, inviting former artists including heavyweight artists, as well as singers from Japan, Palau, Madagascar, Malaysia, and a host of other exciting guests.We invite all to take part in future events such as this!

2019 Taiwan PASIWALI Festival

▸ Date: 2019.08.02 (E) – 08.04 (May)

▸ Location: Taitung Forest Park

▸ Cost: Free

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