Hakka culture and their favorite staple food

Rice is the star of the show at Taitung’s Winter Rice Harvest Festival. For the Hakka people living in Taitung, rice is of utmost importance to them. Having immigrated twice before settling down in the East Rift Valley of Taitung, the Hakka traditionally depended on the annual rice harvest for sustenance and support. Due to the important role that rice played in feeding the Hakka communities in Taitung, the annual harvest festival has become the most important celebration for the Hakka in the county. For the Hakka, the festival symbolizes the farmer’s respect for the land, gratitude for natures blessings, and their affection for rice. In order to further promote this fascinating aspect of Taitung Hakka culture, the Taitung Winter Rice Harvest Festival was established in 2010 to attract domestic and foreign tourists to the valley to learn more about Hakka culture and their favorite staple food.


Hakka Culture Month

This year’s Winter Harvest Festival also coincides with “Hakka Culture Month”. Throughout the month of November, a multitude of activities such as the Harvest Ceremony, Hakka Dance Performances, Winter Banquet, as well as cultural fairs and more allow guests to see and experience Hakka culture first-hand and feel the warm hospitality of the Hakka people. In addition, you can also walk barefoot into the rice fields to participate in the Golden Rice Harvesting Experience. While learning to thresh rice using traditional threshing machines, one can experience the daily life of a farmer and the effort and love that the Hakka farmers put into tending their precious rice fields.


Harvest – Music
Hakka Cultural Centre Concert & Annual Rice Eating Contest

  • Location:臺東客家學堂 Taitung Hakka Cultural Centre
  • Date:October 31st, 2020 09:30 AM —01:00 PM

Harvest – Fun
Winter Harvest Ceremony & Hakka Farming Games

  • Location:Taitung County Hakka Museum
  • Date:November 7th, 2020 09:00 AM —02:00 PM

Harvest – Dance
Hakka Dance Performances & Outdoor Music Concert

  • Location:Tiehua Music Village
  • Date:November 21st, 2020 11:00 AM—06:00 PM

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