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Handmade Paiwan Glass Beads -BIYA Glass Beads

The Paiwan have three treasures: brass blades, clay pots, and glass beads. The glass beads are more than just a tribal decoration, they represent a traditional art and skill as well as wisdom and cultural meaning. We bring you to the BIYA Glass Bead workshop in Dulan to learn about baking these glass beads and learn about the philosophy of Paiwan life.

An air of refinement amongst the South Link’s stunning scenery. The best backdrop for the “2021 Nanhui Art Project”

A trip to Taitung is in order after the pandemic subsides. As you travel along the South Link Highway, you’ll discover a new side of southern Taitung County. The theme of this year’s Nanhui Art Project is “Sicevudan.” This is a Paiwan word that means “converge with the source.” Sicevudan symbolizes the power of art to overcome ethnic and regional differences. The Nanhui Art Project has invited 14 well-known groups of Taiwanese and foreign artists to participate. Through their instillations, these 14 groups will reflect the culture and characteristics of different parts of the South Link. The event has also gotten local indigenous youth involved and given them the chance to display their unique energy.

Three-day Island Hopping Trip to Orchid Island and Green Island

Orchid Island and Green Island both have diverse ecosystems and unique geological formations. Moreover, there are very few people on Taitung’s outlying islands. This makes visitors feel like they’ve gotten away from the hustle and bustle of modern life for a brief moment. Each island has its own unique culture and beautiful scenery. The following three-day tour will surely make for a memorable first trip to Orchid Island and Green Island.