East Valley line of Taiwan – back mountain pastoral literary style

The quiet East of the Flower Valley plain, the air is sweet, the light is clear, its plain, quiet, with a kind of reclusive pastoral wind, it also seems to be the last piece of pure land isolated from the world. The wind from the mountains, the green roads among the fields, the rice fields with flowing golden ears, is like walking into an idyllic, pure and clear artistic conception. The beautiful countryside that we pick up by walking slowly makes us release ourselves, and also enables the weary heart to land. The pure land makes people yearn for, and the artistic style here also makes people feel at home.

Ruiyuan Cotton Print Lantern Life Culture Museum
East Valley line of Taiwan - back mountain pastoral literary style

Bright and eye-catching Hakka printed cotton, printed with blooming peony flowers is what you will find here. Hakka printed cloth is a type of Hakka traditional attire. It has become a characteristic of the Hakka people, and embodies the memories of the ethnic group. Hakka printed cloth is not only used to make clothing, but also headscarves, lunch towels, sleeves… When you see this printed cloth, a series of life scenes in your memories will reappear suddenly. The Hakka Cotton Print Lantern is a symbol of celebration for the Hakka people. Hang up lanterns at the time of New Year, weddings, childbirth, and shop opening to light up the happiness and warmth of the family.

In 2002, with the help of the Community Development Association, the only Cotton Print Lantern Museum in Taiwan was established in Luye Ruiyuan Community in Taitung. The cultural hall was remodeled from a farmer’s classroom. Hand-made printed lanterns of various shapes and sizes are hung, conveying a strong rustic style. The lanterns developed and produced by the museum are popular. Domestically, they are sent to the Presidential Palace, the Executive Yuan, the Legislative Yuan, and other government agencies. Internationally, they are exported to the United States, Japan, and South Korea. The museum currently also accepts orders for printed lanterns from private groups.

Opening Hours: 09:00-18:00

Closed Days: Open all year round

Contact number: 089-580492

Address: No. 156, Tongxing Road, 15 Neighborhood, Luye Township, Taitung County
Official Website

Hsin Yuan Chang Black Tea Industrial Cultural Center
East Valley line of Taiwan - back mountain pastoral literary style

Tea is not just a drink. It has thousands of years of tea ceremonies, tea art, and tea culture behind it. Tea leads to a way of savoring life. Yong’an Village in Luye Township is located at an altitude of 368 meters. The fields have smooth drainage, and the large temperature difference between day and night in early spring and late winter makes it a suitable spot for growing tea. This allowed Tseng-Kun Wen, the late Father of the Taitung Tea Industry, to open a tea factory here in 1966 to establish his tea kingdom. Hsin Yuan Chang Tea Industrial Cultural Center is the first cultural center of its kind in Taiwan.

Hsin Yuan Chang Black Tea Industrial Cultural Center has different exhibition areas. Commissioners in the museum explain the process of tea picking, withering, atting, tossing, fixation, rolling, drying, ball-rolling, roasting, tasting, etc. They clearly explain the stages from tea making to taste. Once you know the skill of making tea and mastering the essence of tea, you will come to better understand how to taste the shape, color, aroma, and taste of tea. Here you can also participate in the lei cha experience, where you can make tea by grinding the tea leaves yourself, and enjoy a cup of handmade tea while chatting with family and friends. You can also walk outside int the garden to admire the lush tea fields. This center allows you feel the essence of tea from the beauty of Luye tea fields.

Opening Hours: 09:00~18:00
Closed Days: Open all year round
Ticket Price: free
Contact Number: 089-551016
Address: No. 451, Yong’an Road, Yong’an Village, Luye Township, Taitung County
Official website


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