Southeast Taiwan Loop – Arts and Culture in Taitung

The southern loop covers a vast area, among which Taitung city is the largest county-governed city in Taiwan. The charm from north to south is completely different, and there is a warm human feeling in the urban area. Far away from the city, the mountain and sea scenery is fresh and refreshing, making people suddenly enlightened. Taitung city is also a gathering place for Taitung art and culture, and every alley may contain interesting stories of immigrants from the metropolitan area. The city, with its local culture and story, is slow in pace and full of human touch. Since the music cluster “Tiehua Village”, you can enjoy the surging songs and leisure nurtured by the mountain and sea culture here.

National Museum of Prehistory
National Museum of Prehistory

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The National Museum of Prehistory consists of three parks: the main building of Kangle, Beinan Cultural Park, and Nanke Archaeological Museum (located in Tainan). The establishment of the museum originated from the accidental discovery of Taiwan’s middle and late Neolithic sites during construction work on the back of Taitung’s New Railway Station in 1980. It covers an area of ​​more than 10,000 square meters, and was the home to about 2,000 tombs and more than 10,000 pieces of pottery and porcelain. Therefore, the government built a museum to preserve and study prehistoric culture.

The original site is not suitable for building, so the site that was chosen is located near the Kangle Station to collect and display a wealth of cultural relics in the Kangle Main Building. Displays are divided into permanent and special exhibitions. The permanent exhibition is like a three-dimensional knowledge treasure house, and the theme area is set to fully restore the evolution from ancient times to the present. It is simply an intellectual historical tour. As you walk into Beinan Cultural Park, you will enter a historic scene, and you will be greeted by prehistoric houses, Puyuma Juvenile Meeting Hall (Dakuvan), and the aboriginal houses area of the original proportions in the park. As you connect to the life experiences of ancient humans thousands of years ago through imagination, you will also be able to learn about the history and culture of the Beinan Cultural Park in the exhibition hall.

Kangle Main Building (closed, scheduled to open in 2021)

Contact number: 089-38-1166

Address: No. 1, Museum Road, Taitung City, Taitung County

Official website

Beinan Cultural Park


Opening Hours: 09:00-17:00
Closed Days: every Monday (open also on national holidays, supplementary holidays, and election days), Lunar New Years Eve, and New Years Day

Contact Number: 089-23-3466

Ticket price: full ticket: NT$ 30; group ticket: NT$ 20; half-price ticket: NT$ 15

Address: No. 200 Wenhua Park Road, Taitung City, Taitung County

Official website

Boting Art Center
Southeast Taiwan loop - arts and culture in Taitung

Located between Zhongshan Road and Baosang Road in downtown Taitung, the Japanese-style buildings of the Baoding Art Center come into your view. Its simple nostalgic sense and quaint architectural style have often slowly attracted visitors without them knowing it. Boting Art Center has a history of nearly 85 years. It was completed in 1936. Its original site was the Taitung Street Chief Official House during the Japanese Occupation (the street chief was the head of the administrative region at that time). In 1999, the old building was revitalized by Taitung City Government, and renovated into a Taitung art venue.

This art center has six one-story wooden buildings, all which contain art galleries, performance spaces, art and literature information rooms, and a social room for arts groups. The center holds various art exhibitions from time to time. It boasts an artistic atmosphere. In addition to admiring art exhibitions, you can also take a closer look at the indoor layout, nostalgic furniture and furnishings of the revitalized Japanese architecture. Come here to experience the beauty of the harmony of life and art.

Opening Hours: 08:30~17:00

Closed Days: Monday, Lunar New Year and National Holidays

Ticket Price: free

Contact Number: 089-325301

Address: No. 184, Zhongshan Road, Taitung City, Taitung County


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