South Link Line

After departing from Taitung, you can keep heading south along Provincial Highway No.9 and join the South Link Highway, going through Taimali Township, Jinfeng Township, Dawu Township, and Daren Township. On the road trip, travelers can enjoy the charming view of Coastal Ridge on one side and broad Pacific Ocean on the other. The whole trip presents many cultural and natural attractions to tourists from all over the world.

Duoliang Station

Duoliang Station, praised as the most beautiful station in Taiwan, was once a small railway station After its closure in 2006, it has become a popular sightseeing spot and keeps attracting visitors by the breathtaking sunset over the Pacific Ocean Besides, Calavi Workshop, which is near the station, produces lovely crafts made from driftwood, very family and kids friendly

Duoliang Station
Address: No 8-1, Longsi Rd, Duoliang Vil, Taimali Township, Taitung County, Taiwan
Tel: 089-781301