Downtown Taitung

The downtown area starts from Zhongzheng Road and south to the seashore. The downtown is considered to be the origin of Taitung. Visitors who like to experience different culture can stroll down the streets to enjoy the timeless charm and the great food tradition. For those who love being out in nature, there is the Taitung Forest Park.

Fantasy Tiehua

Taitung is a place to find talented indigenous musicians with abundant creative inspiration. Since 2010, Fantasy Tiehua, located in the heart of Taitung, is converted from an abandoned old dormitory for Taiwan Railways Administration operators to a now a creative cultural center in Taitung. The three important components of Fantasy Tiehua which showcase the local culture are music performance, arts and crafts, and weekend creative market. It is definitely a must-see attraction for visitors.

Fantasy Tiehua
Tiehua Shop:Tuesday to Sunday 2pm-10pm, Tiehua Shop sells local art crafts and farmed goods
Music Performances: Wednesday to Saturday 8pm-10pm
Weekend Market is held from Fridays to Sundays Visitors can find farmed goods from local farmers to handicrafts made by the local artists