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Do you remember watching “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” as a child? Seeing the magical and mysterious ins and outs, and wishing for a real-life chocolate factory? You won’t need to get a golden ticket to visit “Funky Chocolate”. Visit this chocolate factory and unveil the secrets of how chocolate bars are made.


A chocolate fan’s dream- making healthy chocolate

“I love eating chocolate!” The owner of Funky Chocolate is just like the main character of the movie. His passion for chocolate has motivated and pushed him to realize his dreams. Funky has always loved chocolate, he paid special attention to all things relating to chocolate. When he studied at the School of Agricultural Chemistry at National Taiwan University, he focused on the fermentation process of cocoa. He even went to the land of chocolate, Belgium, to learn how to make chocolate. Once he completed his journey, he returned to Taiwaun and began building his dream chocolate factory in Rekat tribe in Luye, Taitung.

The name “Funky Chocolate” of the factory comes not only from the owner’s name, but it is also an acronym that spells out the brand’s concept: “Fabulous, Unique, Natural, Knowledge, and Yummy.” Funky chocolate aims to make natural and delicious chocolates. Funky tells us that large amounts of sugar, artificial flavoring, and emulsifiers are added to the chocolates to fulfill the commercialized need for sweets. It caused a common misconception is that chocolate is an unhealthy and fattening snack. However, chocolate itself has been scientifically proven to be rich in nutrients, has anti-aging effects, and helps to control weight and cardiovascular diseases. He hopes to use high-quality natural ingredients, strict sanitation regulations, and the spirit of science, to create a healthy, delicious, low sugar Taiwanese chocolate brand. (Photo Credit:Funky Chocolate FB)


Family-owned production line, taste the aromas of Taiwanese cocoa

Funky Chocolate has its own farm that uses natural growing methods to care for nearly 400 cocoa trees. The mission is to produce locally grown cocoa fruits. The entire process from growing, research, fermentation, and roasting are all done by Funky. He ensures that the chocolate is fresh and retains its true flavors. Funky also grows passion fruit, pineapples, kumquats, and other produce to provide multiple tasty flavors for chocolate lovers.

The large windows allow light to spill in and fill the rooms when you step foot in the two-story dream chocolate factory. The spacious dining area at the second floor that provides a glorious view of the green valleys with a mountain backdrop. Enjoy a relaxing afternoon tea paired with this breathtaking view here. The owner will introduce the unique chocolates to you one by one. The nama chocolate literally melts in your mouth! Sip on a cup of hand-brewed coffee with your chocolates for the most amazing food pairing you’ve tasted. (Photo Credit:Funky Chocolate FB)

The own-brand chocolate is very unique. “Pineapple dark chocolate” uses dried Taitung pineapples. The pairing of sweet and sour pineapple mixed with rich and decadent chocolate is simply amazing. “Cranberry chocolate bricks” and “Blueberry chocolate bricks” are very fruity and fragrant. “Candied orange peel dark chocolate” is made by adding thinly shaved orange peel into slightly bitter chocolate, making for a sweet and tasty chocolate bar. Those who love a crunch can try the “almond chocolate bean” to get the rich chocolate flavor and caramelized almond crunch. “Mixed chocolate bricks” will give you the dual enjoyment of nuts and dried fruits for a wondrous flavor and texture!

Funky wants to make the factory a cultural and informative venue. He hopes to hold chocolate workshops. Therefore, visitors can taste delicious chocolates, stroll through the cocoa tree farm, and learn more about the cocoa fruit and bean. (Photo Credit:Funky Chocolate FB)

Address: No. 43 Yong’an Rd, Luye Township, Taitung County

Phone: 089-219-319

Hours of Service: 14:00–18:00 (Closed from Tuesday to Thursday)