There’s so much to do when visiting Taitung. After a long day of exploration and adventures, late-night snacks are a must when you’re relaxing in the evenings! Unlike the city nightlife, Taitung evenings are tranquil and peaceful. Try some of the local favorite late-night snacks such as charcoal-roasted buns, braised foods, fried chicken, grilled meats, and more. Live a little and enjoy the liberating nighttime. Pack your bags now and let’s go!

考饅頭 圖片來源 Ig Night Roast

1.Xiao Kao (charcal roased buns)

Are you looking for a nice and steamy bun late at night? Xiao Kao is a specialty store that sells charcoal-roasted white buns. The vendor’s signature dish is grilled goat’s milk buns. These buns can be eaten plain, or filled with hash browns, pork belly, beef belly, fried chicken, cheese cutlet, popcorn chicken, and more. Besides the goat’s milk buns, the vendor also offers fried foods, drinks, and Japanese-styled shaved ice. Order any of the above for a nice late-night treat!

Though the buns are made using goat’s milk, you won’t find any gamey tastes as the aftertaste is fragrant and sweet. The golden crispy surface is grilled to perfection, creating a fun contrast to the fluffy and soft interior. That is the key and most important part of the vendor’s signature dish. The fried chicken thigh is pan-fried before being grilled over charcoal. This cooking method puts the chef’s skills to the test. All the juices are locked in the chicken thigh and the thigh is brushed with a special sauce before being sandwiched between the grilled bun creating a delicious snack.

The most popular fried food on the menu is fried chicken gristle. The delicacy is crispy, juicy, and finger-lickin’ good! The fish cakes from Donggang are also quite delicious. Xiao Kao is open from 18:30 pm until the night, providing folks with numerous afternoon bites to late-night snacks. You can also purchase some frozen buns so that you can enjoy the steamy goodness at any hour of the day.

  • Address: No. 15 Chenggong Rd., Taitung City, Taitung County (Chenggong Rd. and Waihuan Rd. Intersection)

  • Phone Number: 0920 333 020

  • Hours of Operation: Tues-Sat 18:30-23:00, Closed on Sundays and Mondays

  • Website: Fan Page

滷味 圖片來源 愛食記

2.LaiDianGanXing Braised Foods

You know people are talking about LaiDianGanXing Braised Foods when they’re talking about delicious foods that have become a delicious memory. This braised foods store has been in business since 1992 and is part of the local’s lives for over 30 years. The braised foods store has also been recommended by TVBS’s Super Taste. The address is located on Baosang Rd. in Taitung City, right across from Baosang Police Station, in the alley next to Mido Hotel. This is the perfect location for friends to meet up and enjoy a late-night snack.

LaiDianGanXing Braised Foods is a braised food store highly recommended by locals. All the ingredients are kept clean and cool in the display case. You’ll find the usual tofu products, blood rice cakes, meats, innards, vegetables, noodles, and pretty much anything you could want to eat. The clean and fresh braised foods are braised in a specialty braising soup that is refreshing and light. You’ll have trouble putting down your chopsticks for sure!

The locals recommend: Special braised duck blood. The braised duck blood is mixed with pickled greens, scallions, and a special chili sauce that is hot and sweet. If you’re having a drink, try the salted pork which is paired with a nice and heavy sauce. The meat sauce noodles are also nice and fragrant. Don’t forget the juicy Taiwanese flour sausage. Netizens have also recommended udon noodles, bai ye tofu, and firm dried tofu. If you’re not sure what to order, just pick a few from the list above.

The vendor has a dine-in section and offers self-serve chili sauce. There are three levels of heat, the mild chili is more salty, while the extreme level comes with a nice kick. The interior is decorated with the relaxed feel of a street vendor while also adding a Japanese eatery vibe. It only gets busier here as the night goes on, which is why LaiDianGanXing Braised Foods is such a vital part of so many people’s late-night memories!

  • Address: No. 209 Baosang Rd., Taitung City, Taitung County

  • Phone Number: 08 931 0292

  • Hours of Operation: Mon-Sun 16:00-03:00, no set days off

  • Website: Official Website

Qq豆乳雞 圖片來源 台東好物官網

3. The OG QQ Fermented Tofu Chicken

QQ Fermented Tofu Chicken” is a specialty fried chicken store with innovative flavors. The store was founded in 2021 and was the first to create a fusion between fermented tofu chicken and lightly battered fried chicken. You can even order the chicken in the original flavor, or add pepper or chili. Through countless trial and error sessions, the fried chicken vendor came up with the perfect blend of flavors used in the marination, breading, and frying process to create a final fried chicken with a deep-flavored, juicy, and crispy fusion chicken.

The menu offers a wide variety and all the ingredients are sourced carefully to provide the customers with a scrumptious and fresh taste. The signature dish “QQ Fermented Tofu Chicken” is made using red yeast rice. The chicken is cooked in the most simple way to highlight the natural flavors of the ingredients. Once bitten into, the chicken is tender and juicy, crispy on the outside, and filled with the fragrance of the fermented tofu on the inside. Another favorite, the “Fermented Tofu Nuggets” are made from chicken thigh, marinated in fermented tofu sauce, and coated with the secret batter and breading. The “Fermented Tofu Wings,” being one of the original menu items, is an inexpensive yet delightful snack that is also a must-try. Finally, the handmade “Fried Milk” snacks are limited each day and only available until they are sold out. The attention to detail can be seen in each item on the menu so guests can enjoy the best flavors each time.

QQ Fermented Tofu Chicken highlights the original flavors of the ingredients and pairs them with marinated flavors. No additional seasoning is required. All the items on the menu are made fresh after ordering. Pre-ordering is advised for larger orders to prevent a long wait time.

  • Address: No. 42 Ally 376, Section 1 Zhonghua Rd., Taitung City, Taitung County

  • Phone Number: 0986 000 973

  • Hours of Operation: Mon-Sun 15:00-23:30

  • Website: Official Website

串燒居酒屋 圖片來源 Fb粉絲頁

4. Chuan Shao Chi Han Izakaya Restaurant

Where does one go during the late nights when in Taitung? Izakaya is perfect for a small group of friends to gather and chat over a few drinks and some food! Chuan Shao Chi Han Izakaya Restaurant aims to present ingredients in their most original form, topped with their unique homemade sauce, and grilled to perfection. Take a bite of the grilled meat and wash it down with a drink, pair that with the unique izakaya ambiance to create a relaxing and happy evening.

Chuan Shao Chi Han Izakaya Restaurant has anything that you might want to order: original Korean oysters, seafood, meat, vegetable skewers, Chi Han Fried Rice, hot soups, and lamb hot pots. Each flavorful bite brings people closer.

  • Address: No. 265 Gengsheng Rd., Taitung City, Taitung County

  • Phone Number: 08 934 0663

  • Hours of Operation: Wed-Mon 17:30-01:00, closed on Tuesdays