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It can be said that it is fate or it is destiny. The obscured puzzle pieces of life always clear through brave attempts and adventures. “Before the idea of starting a business, the name of Flight Café came to my mind!” said Miss Fu-Chang with a soft, gentle voice accompanied by a sweet smile.


Miss Fu-Chang recalls the journey of her initial dream. After working in Taipei for five years she was told to check out Taitung by her father. He had once taken a trip around Taiwan and liked Taitung very much. Then, after a few visits to Taitung, she decided to leave her job in Taipei and settle in Taitung.

The layout of the Flight Café is touched by simple and bright decorations. It has a unique and warm Japanese Zakka style, which echoes the owner’s temperament. However, in this small shop where Fu-Chang achieved her dream, she also encountered difficulties. “Typhoon Nepartak caused serious damage to the coffee shop, so we moved to this place now!” Not defeated by the typhoon, Fu-Chang found the right place with the help of her partners and friends, and strives to regenerate Flight Café. “I do what I like, so I feel happy even if I work hard!” Fu-chang fully exhibits the delicate and introverted character of the Japanese. Whether she runs her own business, or lives in Taitung, she is always optimistic. This is the main reason why she always sticks to her ideals.

Of the foreigners living in Taitung, there are few Japanese. Thus, Fu-Chang does not have many Japanese friends in Taitung. In her free time, she likes to make natural handmade soaps at home, or research recipes to add to her shop. “When Japanese friends come to visit, where I take them depends on whether they like mountains or the sea. No matter their preference, Taitung has a place for everyone,” Fu-Chang added. “If you want to enjoy coffee and gazing at the Pacific, take your friends to Jinzun. If you like sparsely populated places, Douli is a place worthy of introduction. If you want to see magnificent oceanscape, you should go to Sanxiantai.” In addition to introducing the natural scenery of Taitung to her Japanese friends, Fu-Chang also goes into the tribal villages to attend the Harvest Festivals. “I really like Indigenous celebrations and I am very interested in their traditional attire. My dad likes to take a bus to Hualien and Taitung. He also likes to fish, so I sometimes take him, too. But we never catch any fish,” she says with a smile.


“The feeling of Taitung is actually similar to the Japanese countryside.

Some people are very kind and shy. There are also enthusiastic and lively people. I hope that Taitung can have more unique products and local cuisine, so that my friends who come to visit can bring them back to Japan and share them,” she said. Although she misses home occasionally, she doesn’t give any thought to returning to Tokyo anymore. Instead, Fu-Chang hopes to introduce Taitung to her Japanese friends. She hopes that the people of Taitung can also care more about it and maintain a pure and natural landscape together – allowing Taitung’s most precious assets to be sustained. With the support of her parents, Fu-Chang came to Taitung to make her dream come alive. She also deeply loves the comfortable life in Taitung, which fully proves that Taitung is not only a place for long stay, but also a place to cultivate hopes and realize dreams!