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        發現台東 – 討論區規則
        Discover Taitung – Discussion Forum Rules

        Please read the rules of this forum before leaving a message! If there is a violation of the following rules, the message will be regarded as a violation, and will be deleted without notice!

        1. 任何侵害版權、違反著作權法、法令規定的言論或行為。
        2. 任何帶有政治、歧視或有損社會風尚的言論,禁止霸凌、挑釁、嘲諷、影射、相互攻擊等發言,
        不論黨派、立場、族群、色彩、原由,不可涉及 謾罵、人身攻擊或不雅文字等。
        3. 相同的文章內容重複張貼。
        4. 禁止徵求物品、團購、代買、交換、商品銷售、贈送、合辦、招生傳銷、推銷保險、辦理信用
        5. 禁止從事個人或自家商品推薦、宣傳、銷售、引導 及利用分身帳號推文 等行為。
        6. 謾罵、人身攻擊或不雅文字、謠言。
        7. 禁止募款、援助等訊息。
        8. 大量張貼特定網站的資訊內容,具有為特定網站宣傳推薦之行為。
        9. 於本討論區轉載其他網站(或部落格)的文章時,需張貼內容並提供原始來源網址。
        10.會員切勿使用 發現台東 名義,散播個人內容於討論區中,避免誤導其他會員使用權益。

        1. Any speech or behavior that infringes copyright or violates copyright laws or regulations.
        2. Any speech that is political, discriminatory or detrimental to social customs is prohibited, along with bullying, provocation, taunting, innuendos, mutual attack, etc. Regardless of political party, position, ethnic group, color, or reason, messages must not involve verbal abuse, personal attacks, or indecency.
        3. Repeated posts will be deleted.
        4. It is prohibited to post anything regarding soliciting of items, group-buying, agent purchases, exchanges, merchandise sales, gift items, co-organizations, enrollment pyramid schemes, marketing insurances, and credit card applications.
        5. It is forbidden to engage in personal or company product recommendation, promotion, sales, guidance, and the use of fake accounts.
        6. Swearing, personal attacks or indecent writing, and rumors are prohibited.
        7. Messages involving fundraising and assistance are prohibited.
        8. It is forbidden to post a large amount of information and content on a specific website, and to promote and recommend a specific website.
        9. When reprinting articles from other websites (or blogs) in this discussion forum, please post the content and provide the original source URL(s).
        10. Members should not use the name of Discover Taitung to spread personal content in the discussion forum to prevent other members from misunderstanding the rights of use.

        違反 發現台東 網站討論區發言規則,本討論區 得以將之停權、禁言,並保留追究之刑責。

        In cases of violation:
        Violation of the Discover Taitung Discussion Forum Rules, this forum will be able to suspend rights, ban discussions, and reserve the right to pursue relevant legal responsibilities.

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