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Taitung County Environmental Education Center

As you stand fascinated by Taitung’s brilliant blueness, have you ever wondered how we can work together to protect and preserve this beautiful nature before your eyes? Visit reservations will be available for the Taitung County Environmental Education Center (Sustainable Ark Hall) in February of 2023, reminding us to live a green lifestyle and love and protect Taitung.

The Taitung County Environmental Education Center is the first educational space with the theme of environmental protection. The museum is structured on the United Nation’s’ Sustainable Development Goals, and split into three areas, “environment”, “ecology” and “sustainability”, connecting the six major environmental education institutions in Taitung County. There is a rich variety of content on display at the center. The smooth route design combined with many interactive activities gives a fun and immersive experience. The first floor of the center is the “educational space” which focuses on Taitung’s air, soil, rivers, and ocean ecology’s pollution and protection, allowing visitors to learn about the environment and how to sustain it. The second floor is the “experience space” which has low-carbon lifestyle scenarios on display to show how we can change and improve the way we live. The third floor is the “innovative space” which has some permanent exhibitions but also has multifunctional display space which can be used for environment and sustainability-themed exhibitions to be held in the future.

Loving Taitung is paying attention to our every move and action, working to sustain this beautiful and clean land. The Taitung County Environmental Education Center uses innovative and entertaining ways to promote, educate, and inspire the public to turn our newfound knowledge into action. Let us embark on the sustainable ark and work together to protect Taitung’s environment. ( Photo Credit: Environmental Protection Bureau Taitung County Government Fan Page )