Provincial Highway 11 , parallel along the east coast, runs through the eastern Taiwan. With gorgeous mountains on one side and blue sea on the other side, the highway features many attractions on the way. One of the famous scenic spots is the well-known ocean view, which shows different colors as the weather changes. With the splendid coastline, spectacular landscapes, unique art and culture, and a range of water sports and adventures to choose from, Taiwan’s East Coast attracts visitors over and over again. It offers a distinctive experience to everyone.

Jialulan Recreation Area

The Jialulan Recreation Area was a waste soil landfill when the Jhihhang Air Force Base was under construction Now the area has been converted into a beautiful park for picnics and stargazing Uniquely crafted driftwood pieces scatter throughout the area with the broad blue ocean as the background, which makes this place of delights

Jialulan Recreation Area
Address: 1km north from Fugang Fishery Harbor, Taitung City, Taitung County, Taiwan
( It is located at 1575km point of Provincial Highway No11)