South link mountain line

Southern Cross-Island Highway starts at Haiduan Township and ends at Guanshan Township, connecting southern Taiwan’s eastern and western regions. Taking a road trip here can be a quite fascinating experience because by driving along the highway, travelers can see the magnificent mountain landscape and so many green plants from broadleaf forests to needle-leaf forests. The mountain is also rich in animal species. People who love being out in nature must visit here.

Lisong Hot Spring, a hidden gem located in the deep mountains in Taitung, is the most beautiful wild hot spring in Taiwan This hot spring can only be reached via a trail with an elevation of 400 meters down to the valley It is not a difficult trail but the last part of the downhill is steep with a 70 to 80-degree slope.
The emerald-colored calcium carbonate crystal grown by the edge of mountain cliff, is one of the must-see sights at Lisong Hot spring It is a wonderful way to celebrate life, enjoy the hot spring and embrace the warmth of the nature!

Lisong Hot Spring
Address: East section of Uper Sinwulyu River Valley, near Lidao section of Southern Cross-Island Highway, Haiduan Township, Taitung County, Taiwan
Opening Hours: Open year-round (The dry season lasts through November to April)
Tel: 089-931346