Provincial Highway 9 is 476 km long and is the longest provincial highway in Taiwan. From Chishang to Taitung City, the highway runs the whole length of the East Rift Valley. Traveling down the highway, visitors can see rolling mountains and green fields on the both sides giving Provincial Highway No.9 the nicknamed the Green Highway. More attractions along the highway include the hot air balloon in Luye Gaotai, Mr. Brown Avenue in Chishang, the green rice paddies in Kaadaadaan, and the Walking trees in Luanshan.


The Biggest Rice Paddy Cultivation Areas

Chishang and Guanshan are the biggest rice paddy cultivation areas in Taiwan Due to the rainfall and the untainted environment, the rice produced here is famous for its high quality
Mr. Brown Avenue, which is called the “green road of paradise”, is a small country avenue without a utility pole by the roadside in Chishang. Riding a bike along the road is the best way to explore the area. Visitors can see vast plains of rice fields as they pedal down the road. By June and July, the rice paddies change colors from green to yellow. Mr. Brown Avenue offers visitors different characteristics in each season. The charming scenery of green rice paddies along the road is breathtaking. It is one of the favorites trails for cyclists.

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