When you visit Chenggong Township, home to the East Coast’s largest fishing harbor, besides indulging in fresh seafood, you must bring the lovely flavors of the ocean home with you. Dachin Bonito Flakes is the best option for a souvenir from Chenggong Township!

Why aren’t the bonito flakes here a light amber color like other bonito flakes? This is because the vendor makes the bonito flakes from the red-fleshed Skipjack tuna. The carefully selected fish is flash-frozen, stewed, and roasted over many times to become sweet and flavorful bonito flakes. The flakes are made without any additives or preservatives and additional flavoring. The translucent flakes are pink and give off an attractive aroma. They are perfect for making soups, cold dishes, and salads, which then can be added to any dish to enrich the flavor. The store also sells a variety of other seafood items. Fish floss, roasted squid sheets, and sailfish crisps are all among the popular items in the store.

Daichin Bonito Flakes has been improved to be bilingual-friendly. The shop’s story and menu are translated into English. Bring your foreign friends to the store and check out the wonderful gift items available!

  • Address: No. 62 Zhongshan Rd., Chenggong Township, Taitung County
  • Phone: 089-850-033
  • Opening Time: Monday to Friday: 09:00–19:00; Holiday: 09:00 – 17:00