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Golden Flower Beinan Bun Store

What the stuffing and skin of the bun pursued is nothing more than a snack based sense of satisfaction and matching. The Golden Flower Beinan Bun Store often have customers waiting in long queue, which proves the delicious taste of their buns. There are bamboo shoot and meat bun, cabbage bun, taro red bean bun and salty-fragrant steamed roll. The salty-fragrant smell is just perfect and the good dough smell is from mouth bite. No matter it is full of meat stuffing or read beans, the perfect match of the stuffing and the skin is boiled in your mouth. As for the taro fragrant steamed buns, white steamed buns and brown sugar steamed buns with raisin, their taste is being made to the best. Snack nut like you must give it a try!(IGPhoto by @yen_lonlon).