This secret restaurant with Taitung delicacy opened by two men wearing suit cap has hidden delights known only to the locals. The simple black-line-grid menu contains thin noodles, sesame paste noodles, plain noodles, rice noodles, yellow noodles, wonton & noodles. For soup, there are meat ball soup, egg soup and wonton soup. The most classic braised dish is always the perfect match to order with. Under all these seemingly simple dishes, the taste and smell absolutely become the focus of this store. Aromatic but not strong and strong but not too rich! This store starts its day in the darkness of night and arouses the memory of food stand delicacy belonged to many people. The taste and smell are just perfect. It serves as the best recommended restaurant of braised dishes for every craving of night snacks.(IGPhoto by @tsu0730mm)

Opening Time:
Tue – Sat:17:00-00:30;Mon/Tue:17:00-01:00

08 935 9421

No.309-1, Jhejiang Rd., Taitung City, Taitung County 95048, Taiwan (R.O.C.)