Love Me Cake

Each bite is like a warm greeting from Taitung. From Chishang to Ruisui, Guanshan to Chenggong, enjoy the food with the best characteristics in the Huadong Valley and take a grand tour of the local specialty in Taitung. Like a feast starting with the outer peel, the rice flour is made with exquisite Chishang rice. The filling continues to provide a journey of surprising tastes. Representing the special rice from the Chishang fields is the black rice and mochi. In Ruisui Township, handmade custard is made with honey black tea. In Guanshan Township, there is the Cuban-style stewed pork and cheese. Chenggong Township allows you to taste the flavor of a white swordfish sauce. Even if you don’t have time to visit every place in Taitung, you’ll still be able to eat to your heart’s content. (IGPhoton by @_foodlifestyle_)