Main-land China Grandma Noodles Restaurant

Shanxi flavor is wafted to the streets of Chishang in the afternoon. Sometimes, it is simply stuffed buns and steamed bread with good flavor; sometimes, it is the authentic and tasty steamed twisted rolls and pie. For the gourmets, it is a palatable taste. For grandmas, it is a wave of nostalgia. The memories of the feelings to the hometown Shanxi are rolled into the persisting handmade rice noodles, cooked into the delicate and rich soup which is numbing but not spicy; fermented in the rice cake with traditional features and the fragrance of red date inside the steamer. Home-made meal, the red soup of big plate chicken contains a taste of mild spiciness. Reserve a date to taste the mixed flavor of Shanxi and Chishang and listen to the story of the apricot flower grandma.(IGPhoto by @ghost430)