Lazy Tree

One of the main features of Cantonese cuisine is speed. From ordering to serving the dishes, efficiency is key. This is a reflection of the fast-paced Cantonese lifestyle. Have you ever imagined that you would be able to taste authentic Cantonese cuisine by the leisurely coastline while enjoying the slow and relaxed lifestyle?

Many visitors come to Taitung and become uncontrollably mesmerized by this beautiful land. This is exactly what happened to the owner of Moment Café. After an in-depth trip to Dulan, experiencing all the natural beauties, friendly locals, culture, and leisurely lifestyle, he promptly decided to make a permanent move to the most international city on Taiwan’s east coast. Here, he would be able to share the most authentic flavors of his home with everyone. The name Moment Café was chosen in hopes that the guests would enjoy food and experience life to the fullest, “Cherish the present, enjoy this exact moment before you with all your heart.”

This is likely the most authentic Cantonese restaurant that is closest to the sea! It’s a mere 5-minute walk from the restaurant to the Dulan seaside platform. The dining environment is clean and comfortable. You can even chat with the owner and he will share all the authentic ways of enjoying Cantonese food! Moment Café offers set meals and afternoon tea. The signature dish, BBQ pork and fried egg with rice is a must-try! Drizzle Maggi Liquid Seasoning on the rice to greatly enhance the flavors! The azuki bean ice cream is smooth and delicious. The large sweet beans, milk, and condensed milk pairing are satisfyingly good. Other Cantonese snacks such as egg tarts, ice butter french toast, crispy bun with pork chop, and Hong Kong Style Milk Tea are all great options to choose from! (Photo Credit:FB@一刻館