Neighbor Café

Located on Hanzhong Street on the outskirts of downtown Taitung City, Neighbor Café exists and is run by a young couple. It resembles a quiet garden, giving guests a relaxing experience. The space is simple and spacious. At first sight, you will see a cat-themed relaxed design, as if they are running around you. The brunch and bread in the store emphasizes on the use of handmade, homemade dough. The dough is produced with 18 hours of fermentation. In addition to the brunch, the afternoon tea is also produced with great effort. The red oolong, Danish royal tea and full-strength hand-brewed coffee of can all be enjoyed with handmade biscuits. The desserts, such as black sesame cake, waffles with seasonal fruit, and their specialty waffles are all popular with customers. Every day’s desserts are all different, just like a small afternoon surprise!