Camping Cafe Surrounded by a Palm Forrest - Rafa Cafe

Camping Cafe Surrounded by a Palm Forrest – Rafa Cafe

This truly feels exotic! Once you drive your car into Rafa Cafe, you’ll be welcomed by large rows of palm trees. Walk on in and you’ll find a hidden magical gem! The trail leads to a tent area facing the sea. The tents are decorated in an exotic theme to transport guests right into an overseas vacation mode.

Rafa Cafe faces the Pacific and has Mount Dulan behind. You can immerse yourself in nature and enjoy mountain and ocean views. The cafe also has an outdoor campground. Since it is right by the ocean, you’ll be able to enjoy blue skies blending into the ocean’s horizon from both areas. The outdoor cafe area is decorated in a country style with large white umbrellas to create a comfortable and spacious feeling. The cafe offers tasty western light meals, and the cafe even offers drinks made from self-grown coconuts. Try ordering a refreshing cup of coconut coffee.

There are charging outlets both indoor and outdoor. Order up a cup of coffee and enjoy a lazy afternoon under the cool ocean breeze, listen to music and let your mind go blank, you’ll feel as though time stands still here. Rafa Cafe will leave you wanting to come back again next time for another leisurely vacation by the sea. (Photo Credit:[email protected]

  • Address: No. 14-8 Neighborhood 47, Jiubu Rd., Hedong Township, Taitung County
  • Opening Time: 11:00–18:00
  • Website: