Spring Garden Herbal Restaurant

Lemongrass, lavender, and other herbs, Spring Garden Herbal Restaurant is surrounded by flowers and grass growing vigorously. Built with bamboo and stones, our restaurant is located in the countryside surrounded by mountains and green fields that make you feel relaxed and pleasant. It’s as if being in a hidden paradise, feeling relaxed and carefree that is like what the famous Chinese poet Tao Yuan-Ming described in his poem, “Picking up daisies at the eastern fence, I gaze at the South Mountain in the distance.Our must-have dish is the Herb Clay Hotpot. No seasoning is added to the broth. The flavor comes from sautéing onions and gravy made with stir-frying meat slices. The sweet flavor of the soup is the result of braising our home-grown vegetables. Our homemade lemongrass sauce tastes refreshing and special. The refreshing and sweet flavors of all natural ingredients will unfold in your mouth with every bite you take. If you get a chance to come to Spring