Taitung Ice House

In hot Jialulan Recreation Area, there is a couple who used to travel often, desire to bring their children to lead a life facing the sea, and that is why such a unique ice shop was born! Most of the ice here uses local materials to keep it fresh and delicious, such as signature ice, red oolong powder ball, and a tea plum is combined with hand-stirred honey powder ball to add natural sweetness; Luye red oolong makes light tea fragrance fly in the air, where reddish color is revealed among the snowy ice; Tomioka Sea Salt Seaweed Ice comes up another realm, where a bowl of ocean-liked blue ice has a circle of sea salt cream dripped onto, while the summer sweetness of ice is brought out by unique salty taste.(IGPhoto by @kaoruyooooo)

Opening Time:
Wed – Sun:11:00-18:30;Closed on Monday and Tuesday.

0955 092 961

No.146-2, Donghe Township, Taitung County 959, Taiwan (R.O.C.)