Tanya’s Thai Table was the top-promoted restaurant from the 2020 Taitung Slow Food Festival. The owner Tanya is a Thailand le cordon bleu chef whose intricate and professional cooking will blow you away! Don’t miss the chance to experience the genuine Thai cuisine as well as the spirit of slow food in Taitung.

Tanya’s Thai Table is located in the alleys of Chunghua 1st Rd. in Taitung City. The design is different from the average Thai restaurant. The front of the restaurant looks like a modern cafe, giving off fresh and elegant vibes with a clean and bright dining space. Tanya’s Thai Table is perfect for “solo Thai dining”, you can enjoy all the classics on your own, or come with a group of close friends!

Each set meal comes with a main course and three sides, including rice, soup, and a portion of fruit. The restaurant provides three options for main course and updates its menu every two weeks. “Very Thai basil pork” is the most popular dish. The combination of Thai basil and juicy pork mixed with the spices will jump onto your pallet and have you eaten with rice before you notice. The restaurant provides many different curries that are all made from a special concoction of spices created by the owner herself. The “stir fry curry seafood” uses fresh calamari and shrimp in place of crab, the special green curry sauce is sweet with a kick. The “Shrimp Pad Thai” is garlicky and has bouncy noodles with a bite, garnished with peanuts and egg, perfectly paired with juicy shrimp. Other classics like lemon fish and shrimp cakes are all refreshingly delicious. This is a must-visit restaurant!

(Photo Credit:IG@enjoy_food_painting)

  • Address: No. 48 Lane 376, Section 1, Zhonghua Road, Taitung County
  • Contact number: 0905-277-308
  • Operating Hours: Tuesday to Friday 17: 30–20: 30, Saturday: 11: 30–14: 30 (Sunday, one break)