When people visit Green Island, they usually just want to spend all day outside enjoying the amazing weather. However, there’s more than just fun in the sun out here. Get a taste for laid-back country living and enjoy a delicious brunch at the island’s one-and-only “The Reef’s Café.” Kick back, relax and feel like you’ve travelled to an entirely different country outside of Taiwan.

The Reefs Cafe was renovated from what was once a traditional house made of stacked coral. The quaint and simple décor extenuate the café’s refined and pleasant atmosphere. Guests always say they feel right at home spending time here. The menu features amazing drinks such as pour-over coffee, Americanos, lattes and other regular café favorites. If you’re looking for something a little more exotic, then you’ve got to try The Reef Café’s sea salt coffee. One savory sip will redefine what you thought was possible for coffee. The café also has a wide variety of refreshing smoothies and enzyme beverages (drinks that aid digestion). On a hot summer’s day, stopping by The Reef Café is a must during your next trip to Green Island.

The refined and delicious food at The Reef Café uses the freshest ingredients. Pancake lovers from miles around make the trek out here for The Reef Café’s delicious hotcakes. Guests are always particularly enthusiastic about their seaweed pancakes. They are crispy on the outside, but the seaweed batter makes for a delightfully fluffy inside. Topped off with fresh, seasonal fruit and honey, these treats are just the right amount of sweet. They also have silky smooth whipped cream that’s made with fresh ingredients without artificial flavoring. In addition to their pancakes, the other things on their menu, such as the turmeric rice and indigenous-style wraps 阿粨, are definitely worth a try. Happen to be on Green Island? Then you’ve got to hang out at The Reef Café for the ocean view, smooth coffee and tasty dessert.