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Tian-Di-Ren Creative Cuisines

When it comes to the ethos of Japanese cooking that combines the seasons of Taitung with the time, location and people, you cannot miss this low-profile black and white building on Tiehua Road.Hidden at the end of an alley on Tiehua Road is a restaurant called Tian-Di-Ren, which was named out of respect for the timing of nature. By integrating local ingredients, nourishment of nature and skills of chefs, the delicious flavors of quality foods and vegetables that pure nature brings to Taitung are turned into various simple yet delicate cuisines under the divine workmanship of each chef to win the heart of every foodie.Besides admiring the romantic hot air balloon lanterns, you might as well stroll to Tian-Di-Ren to experience the passion of a Taiwanese style izakaya the next time you visit Tiehua Village in Taitung.(IGPhoto by @maggiekuo714)