Tofu Skin Store

The owner moved from Miaoli to Chishang, and is an industrious and frugal Hakkanese man. He has been persistant in utilizing the traditional ways of selling handmade tofu skin for 50 years. While visiting the small store, in addition to enjoy the sun dried tofu skin, you can also appreciate the entire production process. You will find the scent of exquisite steaming soy milk, and sheets of golden tofu skin hanging and drying. Every step of make tofu skin has its far-reaching charm. From raw of soybeans, to grinding and isolating of bean residue and soy milk, along with the steaming tofu skin, the entire process is taken care of the way they insisted, just like tradesman. The dining area is located outside of the factory. The menu is surprisely simple, as it only includes tofu chips, tofu skin, tofu pudding and soy milk. The signature dishes are tofu chips and tofu skin. The tofu chips are fried untill golden, so that the taste comes through as soft and crisp. Likewise, the tofu skin, which is