Aunty Aijiao’s Tea Restaurant

Luye Township is a renowned tea township and is especially known for its black oolong tea. Aunty Aijiao’s Tea Restaurant intricately incorporates tea into the dishes, pairing the tea with various ingredients to create specialty creative dishes. If you’re visiting the area, you must not miss this restaurant. Aunty Aijiao’s Tea Restaurant offers set meals and their signature dishes include black tea braised meat, crispy green tea fried tofu, fragrant wild greens stir-fried in tea oil, and more. You’ll be blown away by the delicious smells when the dishes are served. The set meals also come with complimentary herb cake, tea jelly, and black tea for a complete and satisfying meal. (Photo Credit:IG@lin__sin

  • Address: No. 9 Alley 109, Lane 32, Gaotai Rd., Luye Township, Taitung County
  • Phone: 089-550-678
  • Opening Time: 11:30–13:30, 17:30–19:30