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Taiwanese cuisine is rich and fragrant, focusing on the flavors of the ingredients, and is an important part of many people’s fondest memories. Do you enjoy Taiwanese food? Are you looking for a location suitable for a family meal during your next trip to Chi-Shang, Taitung? You must not miss out on Chi-Shang Healthy Gourmet Restaurant, one of the winners of the Ministry of Economic Affairs’ Top Ten Mountain and Ocean Taiwanese Restaurants. The Hakka restaurant is on the list of officially recommended Taiwanese restaurants. You’ll be able to enjoy the sights of Chi-Shang fields while feasting authentic Taiwanese cuisine. This is a restaurant you won’t want to miss when visiting Taitung.

Chi-Shang Healthy Gourmet Restaurant is also known as “Tian Mama Restaurant”. “Tian Mama” is the name of the project the Farmers’ Association started to assist women farmers in finding occupations and helping them use local specialty produce to open restaurants or sell farm produce. There are currently over 100 vendors in Taiwan under the “Tian Mama” brand. Since most of the Chi-Shang Healthy Gourmet Restaurant operation is Hakka, the restaurant decided to focus on Hakka dishes.

The restaurant uses the Taiwan Agriculture and Food Traceability System and sources fresh locally grown produce. The rice is also top-quality Chi-Shang rice. The strict ingredient selection process allows guests to enjoy safe and healthy foods while enjoying the natural flavors of Taiwanese cuisine. The restaurant’s signature dishes include sweet and juicy Chi-Shang free-range chicken, unique asparagus bean soup, savory braised meat, umami-filled sakura shrimp rice cake, traditional harvest meals, and exquisite set meals. Besides coming here to enjoy the various delicious dishes, you can also make a reservation for the Farming Experience at the Golden Harvest Hall next door and gain a deeper understanding of the rice culture in Chi-Shang. (Photo Credit:[email protected] Healthy Gourmet Restaurant