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Grilled Meat Gua Bao

Don’t miss out on this popular treat. The authentic grilled meat gua bao always has a huge lineup. The succulent scent of grilled pork belly will draw you over from a mile away. This grilled meal gua bao isn’t greasy or overly salty, making it the perfect guilt-free delight. Foodies who are watching their weight can still satisfy their cravings as the vendor offers 3 selections: wafu sauce grilled meat (lean cut), Hakka salted pork (pork belly), or a mix of both. The freshly grilled meat is paired with peanut powder and pickled greens to enhance the fragrance, textures, and flavors. (Photo Credit:IG @bonu_9292

  • Address: Taitung Tourism Night Market (Between Boai Road and Zhongshan Road)

  • Phone: 0983-465-766
  • Opening Time: 18:00–00:00 (Open from Thursday to Saturday)