Zhengdongshan Ice Shop: Smoothie and Juice Bar

It’s a retro ice and fruit shop that will fulfill your expectations. It is located on the alley of Fujian street and preserves the sweet taste from your childhood. It’s as if the red and white shop sign seems to possess the power to send you back in time. Just like a fine wine that gets better with age, the retro atmosphere of this shop makes it more fascinating. Coming from a different generation, the menu which is posted on the wall features treats ranging from snow ice to sundaes. The egg yolk snow ice is like that from your childhood with the sweetness of the egg yolk locked into the ice. Take a bite of the crispy American fritter and also enjoy the delicious taste of their traditional sandwich. If you miss your memories as a child, come and get a jolt from the past. (IGPhoton by @pony_tiny)