If you only have 24 hours and looking for some fun in Taitung, you should enjoy the beautiful city with natural sceneries and local customs. It is highly recommended to stay at downtown Taitung go for a hike, view beautiful sea, chat with locals and bask in the amazing night view of Taitung.



Start the day early with a nice breakfast. We recommend Zao Dian Lai Breakfast and Chung Hua Zao Dian Breakfast, the two most popular Chinese eateries. After breakfast, do not forget to pay a visit to Shige Mountain by walking along the Dingyanwan Road. At the Peak of Shige Mountain, you can enjoy the panoramic view of Taitung and get fresh air as a wonderful start of your trip!

Two local bookstores, San Xing Tang Bookstore and Cat Bookshop are located down the hill may interest you. Feel free to get a book that attracts your eyes and enjoy quite time in a lazy morning. There is hidden magic between the pages of the books sure to excite your imagination.



Taitung has many traditional family-own restaurants, which have been run by the local families through more than three generations. They are not only the memories of the elders, but also amazing place to the travelers. The Mi Taimu, Chinese fried chicken, Chinese herb tea and other local food has maintained the rich flavorful taste for decades. Ready for a lunch?

Rent a bike and ride to Taitung Forest Park. The immense dark beefwood trees provide shades and keep you away from the summer heat. Pipa Lake, Huoshui Lake and Yuanyang Lake offer a wonderful view in the park. Get some snacks and enjoy the stunning sea and gentle breeze when you get to the Seashore park.



Tiehua Music Village is a creative place, which is decorated with many colorful lanterns. Take a stroll around the local market, listen to the live performances, and have an aboriginal dinner at Lijia Mountains with great night view.