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  • 關山德高里@junjunmylife

A Leisurely Tour of Rice Country: Nature’s

Chishang and Guanshan are famous in Taiwan for high-quality rice and idyllic pastoral scenery. To enjoy the beauty of Taitung’s East Rift Valley in a different way, why not try learning about the rich agricultural history of the area? In addition to admiring the beautiful scenery, one can also experience the joys of collecting honey, making rice straw massage sticks, and more! Follow us into the beautiful Taitung countryside and you will be sure to leave with plenty of wonderful memories.

  • 旗遇海味@wu_ben_tang

A Visit to Taitung’s Coastal Towns – Fun Day Trips Along the Pacific

Most people come down to Taitung just to poke around for a bit. But, somewhere along the way, the beautiful scenery captivates them in ways they never thought possible. These same people feel the Pacific calling out to them after they go home. Every year, our friends come back to once again feel the gentle ocean breeze that sways the palm trees in the coastal villages of Taitung. The following day trip will give you a chance to see a different side of Taitung’s coastline. On the trip, you’ll get close with the Pacific’s fifty shades of blue, try authentic indigenous cuisine and spend time with the locals learning traditional crafts.

  • taitung@japo_viaje

Taitung Slow Tourism: Leisure Vacation Tour

Taitung is a beautiful and relaxing destination for those looking for a much-needed getaway from the big city’s speed. Experience fascinating cultures and breathtaking scenery with a one-day tour of Taitung city, where wondrous surprises await you. Suitable for: Couples, Backpackers, Families

  • 小米學堂OK@taiuangirls

Two Day South Link Ocean and Mountain Tour – Experience Tribal Culture

The Taitung South Link Line not only boasts breathtaking views but is also filled with a rich cultural atmosphere. Come on a South Link Cultural trip and visit tribes in the four villages of the South Link (Daren, Jinfeng, Dawu, Taimali). Experience the traditional tribal delicacies, handicrafts, and experience the charismatic ocean and mountains along with the magnificent cultural atmosphere.

  • 11_朝日海水溫泉

Three-day Island Hopping Trip to Orchid Island and Green Island

Orchid Island and Green Island both have diverse ecosystems and unique geological formations. Moreover, there are very few people on Taitung’s outlying islands. This makes visitors feel like they’ve gotten away from the hustle and bustle of modern life for a brief moment. Each island has its own unique culture and beautiful scenery. The following three-day tour will surely make for a memorable first trip to Orchid Island and Green Island.