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Jialulan Recreation Area

The Jialulan Recreation Area was a waste soil landfill when the Jhihhang Air Force Base was under construction Now the area has been converted into a beautiful park for picnics and stargazing Uniquely crafted driftwood pieces scatter throughout the area with the broad blue ocean as the background, which makes this place of delights

1km north from Fugang Fishery Harbor, Taitung City, Taitung County, Taiwan

( It is located at 1575km point of Provincial Highway No11)

Provincial HWY #11

Fushan Fisheries Resources Conservation Area

Shanyuan Bay suffered serious damage due to excessive fishing As a result, the government worked hard to restore and set up Fushan Fisheries Resources Conservation Area, where the area is protected and fishing is prohibited. The south beach of the area is a great spot for water sports such as scuba diving and the north part of the area is an intertidal zone where you can find many different species such as wihtebait and sand crab

No 2, Shanyuan, Fushan Vil, Beinan Township, Taitung County, Taiwan

Tel: 089-381368

Provincial HWY #11


Dulan is a must-visit village of the Amis tribe in Taitung, Xindong Sugar Factory has been converted into a cultural park It is also called the “Home of the Driftwoods” since many artists gather here and create arts and crafts and furniture out of the driftwood Cultural diversity makes this place unique and attracts visitors from all over the world.

Dulan, Donghe Township, Taitung County, Taiwan
(Near 152km point of Provincial Highway No11)

Tel: 089-841520

Provincial HWY #11


Sanxiantai, a small offshore island, was once home to one of the Amis tribes. These people made their living by fishing and herding goats on the island. As a result, the tribe was named Pisirian, translating to “the place of goat husbandry” in Amis.
Sanxiantai is located in the northeast section of the Chenggong Township in Taitung It is composed of several offshore islands and coral reefs; the entire area is about 22 hectares with the highest point about 77 meters above sea level Sanxiantai was once a headland The main island used to be connected to the mainland However due to sea erosion, the main island is now a bunch of offshore islands which are surrounded by coral reefs It is not only a perfect nesting habitat for seabirds such as egretta, sacra, and noddy but also a famous fishing spot

No. 74, Jihui Road, Chenggong Township

Provincial HWY #11

Chenggong Township

The earliest Han settlement in Chenggong Township can be traced back to Qing Dynasty The locals’ lifestyle has changed a lot with the quick development of society and economic Chenggong Harbor, which was built in 1932, is the largest fishing port in the east coast of Taiwan Sailfish, Mahi Mahi, Tuna and Striped Tuna are the major fish species that can be found in this area The harbor gradually becomes a new hub of urban life where you can come cross different kinds of people, from fisherman to merchant and from native to foreigners, which created a special fishing-cultural phenomenon.

Chenggong Township, Taitung County, Taiwan

Provincial HWY #11

King Kong Avenue

Changbin kingkong Avenue is located at East 13 Country Road, 85 km point of Provincial Highway No11 This beautiful road is also a part of Zhongyong Bikeway Endless green fields are along the road, which makes fascinating scenery Visitors can embrace the stunning view of the mountain and the sea while biking down the road

East 13 Country Road, Changbin Township, Taitung County, Taiwan

( Go along Provincial Highway No11 and turn in to East 13 Country Road at 85km point )