Provincial Highway 9 is 476 km long and is the longest provincial highway in Taiwan. From Chishang to Taitung City, the highway runs the whole length of the East Rift Valley. Traveling down the highway, visitors can see rolling mountains and green fields on the both sides giving Provincial Highway No.9 the nicknamed the Green Highway.

Taitung hot balloon

Travelers from all over the world gather at Luye Gaotai in the early morning to participate in the International Hot Air Balloon Festival every summer from June to August. Taitung Luye Gaotai is a plateau that has an elevation of 350 meters and is a unique geological landscape. The elevation provides an excellent flight condition for paragliding and grass skating. It is the time to take a deep breath of fresh air and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere that only belongs to Taitung.

No.46, Gaotai Rd.,Yong’an Vil., Luye Township, Taitung County, Taiwan