Provincial Highway 11 , parallel along the east coast, runs through the eastern Taiwan. With gorgeous mountains on one side and blue sea on the other side, the highway features many attractions on the way. One of the famous scenic spots is the well-known ocean view, which shows different colors as the weather changes. With the splendid coastline, spectacular landscapes, unique art and culture, and a range of water sports and adventures to choose from, Taiwan’s East Coast attracts visitors over and over again. It offers a distinctive experience to everyone.


A Famous Fishing Spot

Sanxiantai, a small offshore island, was once home to one of the Amis tribes. These people made their living by fishing and herding goats on the island. As a result, the tribe was named Pisirian, translating to “the place of goat husbandry” in Amis.
Sanxiantai is located in the northeast section of the Chenggong Township in Taitung It is composed of several offshore islands and coral reefs; the entire area is about 22 hectares with the highest point about 77 meters above sea level Sanxiantai was once a headland The main island used to be connected to the mainland However due to sea erosion, the main island is now a bunch of offshore islands which are surrounded by coral reefs It is not only a perfect nesting habitat for seabirds such as egretta, sacra, and noddy but also a famous fishing spot.

Legendary Story: Because of the strong weathering and erosion, odd-shaped rocks and distinctive landscape such as sea columns, sea trenches and sea caves can be found everywhere on the island It is said that three of the eight immortals in the world had stayed at the island leaving behind three large stones there
First Dawn of Taiwan: It is a tradition to view the first dawn of a new year on the shores of Sansizntai

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