Wulu Gorge

After crossing the bridge, climbing up along the road and slowly ascending toward the peak, you will witness the breathtaking Sinwulyu Creek The cliff was formed into a peculiar S shape by ages of erosion due to creek …

323km point of Provincial Highway No9, Haiduan Township, Taitung County, Taiwan


Chief Spa Hotel

Chief Spa Hotel is a well-known hot spring hotel in Haiduan Township The hot spring water is never heated artificially but sourcing directly from the spring fountain which is formed naturally…

No 1-1, Wulu, Haiduan Township, Taitung County, Taiwan

Tel: 89-935075

六口溫泉-Disicover Taitung發現台東-307KB

Liukuo Hot Spring

The wild hot springs located beside the highway is the Liukuo Hot Spring The water comes from the Sinwulyu Creek and runs into six different pools, filling with different temperatures …

1845km point of Southern Cross-Island Highway, Haiduan Township, Taitung County, Taiwan

霧鹿部落-Disicover Taitung發現台東-307KB

Bul Bul

At an altitude of 700 meters lies the heart of Buluk Buluk Tribe, which is 1845km off from the Southern Cross-Island Highway “Buluk Buluk” in the local language means that there are water gushing out of well At the entrance of the tribe, there is a statue of a local hunter carrying boar around his shoulder as the symbol of Buluk people’s spirits which never die.

Wulu, Haitung Township, Taitung County, Taiwan
( Turn to 187km point of Provincial Highway No20 and you will enter Wulu Village)
Tel: 089-931370

Lisong Hot Spring

Lisong Hot Spring, a hidden gem located in the deep mountains in Taitung, is the most beautiful wild hot spring in Taiwan This hot spring can only be reached via a trail with an elevation of 400 meters down to the valley It is not a difficult trail but the last part of the downhill is steep with a 70 to 80-degree slope …

East section of Uper Sinwulyu River Valley, near Lidao section of Southern Cross-Island Highway, Haiduan Township, Taitung County, Taiwan
Opening Hours: Open year-round (The dry season lasts through November to April)
Tel: 089-931346