Scuba Diving

Taitung is known as a pure environment. Not only is the air fresh, but the sea is also clear, and it is even known as a glass sea. It is for this reason diving has become a must-try activity as part of Taitung tourism, and many people come to Taitung to explore the splendid diving world.

Cycling Race / Events

The beautiful scenery of Taitung needs to be appreciated at a slow pace to make the experience more surreal. Cycling is probably the most appropriate and most beautiful way to travel in Taitung. Taitung’s bicycle lanes are well designed. In addition to mountain routes, the east coast, and urban areas in Taitung, there are also exclusive bicycle lanes. If you wish to enjoy the scenery of the rice fields, you can cycle along the Guanshan and Chishang bicycle lanes.


Are you coming to Taitung, but not to go surfing? We would like you to know that Taitung is a surfer’s paradise! The wind, waves, and terrain in Taitung are also suitable for the breaking waves surfers so desire. Since Taitung is located in a lower latitude area, the northeast monsoons in the fall and winter encourage the waves.


Have you missed rowing a Kayak after your first experience? All you need is the feeling of the oars paddling into the sea, maintaining a slow rhythm as if you are talking to the sea. Kayaking allows you to enter the secret seaside caves, and the skill of crossing the reef increases the difficulty and challenge.