Downtown Taitung

The downtown area starts from Zhongzheng Road and south to the seashore. The downtown is considered to be the origin of Taitung. Visitors who like to experience different culture can stroll down the streets to enjoy the timeless charm and the great food tradition. For those who love being out in nature, there is the Taitung Forest Park.

Taitung Railway Art Village

Taitung Historical Rail

The six-km-long Taitung Historical Rail passes through Taitung City. The railroad has been transformed into a band-shaped green area and cultural space since 2001. Visitors can walk along the wooden tracks and see various industries that the railroads used to support such as the Xindong Sugar Factory and Cultural Park, Old Malan Station, Green Corridor and Fantasy Tiehua. Spend an afternoon strolling down the rails and enjoy the beautiful natural views and cultural spaces!

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Taitung Railway Art Village

The 6 kilometer long Taitung Railway Art Village passes through Taitung City. The railroad has been transformed into…