Experience the Rice Culture in Rice County—Chishang Farming Experience

Chishang is renowned as the capital of rice in Taiwan. Tasting the local rice is something that visitors to Chishang must experience. If you want to get a deeper understanding of the rice culture of Chishang, you can’t miss out on the hands-on experience. Discover Taitung is going to introduce you to the fun activity the Chishang Township Farmers’ Association has to offer that will allow you to truly experience the land and food from the farmer’s perspective.


Making popped rice

Popped rice is a sweet part of many people’s childhoods. The snack has become harder and harder to find these days and the traditional method of making the snack is starting to become lost. Come join the DIY popped rice course at Chishang Township’s Golden Harvest Hall. You’ll learn how to make this tasty traditional snack, from cooking the syrup, toasting the rice, and flattening the popped rice into a bar. You won’t be able to find a course like this anywhere else. The most unforgettable part of the course is when the rice bursts out of the roasting pot and tickles your appetite. The master will show you how to combine the rice and roselle syrup before pushing the mixture into a mold and flattening it with a rolling pin and cutting them into bars. Taste the freshly-made popped rice and you’ll find yourself wanting more.

Location: No. 85-6, Chishang Township, Taitung County
Event duration: around 40 minutes
Suggested Party Size: 4-10 people per slab
Contact number: 0928-863-343、089-865936 (Extension 37, 41)


Rice Hulling Experience

“When people eat their rice, do they realize that every grain of rice is the result of the farmer’s toil?” The image of the hardships of our farming society in the past is unfamiliar to the youth of today. The process of hulling rice grains before machines were created was truly a challenge. The rice huller has over 700 years of history. The huller is used to dehusk rice grains to make brown rice. This is often viewed as a representation of the early agricultural era. The tool is mostly replaced by electric-operated machines today. Chishang Township’s Golden Harvest Hall has preserved this piece of intangible cultural heritage and offers a unique wooden rice hulling experience course. Those who participate in the course will get to experience first-hand how to use the spinning huller to separate the rice from the husk. Use your strength to pull the huller in a counterclockwise direction and the hulled rice will fall to the bottom of the huller as bran and brown rice. The course will allow you to experience farming and stand in awe of our ancestors’ wisdom.

Please refer to the Chishang Township Farmers’ Association webpage for information on other courses. You can also make a reservation for a free guided tour and learn about historical farming tools. Come to Chishang and partake in the Golden Harvest Hall’s in-depth experiences and learn all about the culture of rice country!(Photo credit: [email protected]池上鄉農會金色豐收館

Location: No. 85-6, Chishang Township, Taitung County (Golden Harvest Hall)

Event duration: around 40 minutes

Suggested Party Size: party of 4-10 (popped rice experience); party of 4 and up (rice hulling experience)

Contact number: 0928-863-343、089-865936 (Extension 37, 41)