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Tipsy Taitung Trip — Qu He Liquor Village

Taitung’s gorgeous views are truly breathtaking. Enjoying the scenery with a glass of wine is one of life’s greatest joys. We are introducing the first certified winery in Taitung for all of the wine lovers out there. The owner of the winery, Zhuliao Chuang, was awarded Taiwan’s Top Ten Farmer Award. The winery uses 100% organic locally-grown produce as ingredients for brewing the wine. You will taste authentic flavors of Taitung while getting an eyeful of the magnificent natural scenery on your tipsy Taitung trip.

臺東微醺小旅行 — 曲禾酒莊

Making a unique winery with the addition of the farmer’s viewpoint

The name Qu He Liquor Village represents the logistical specialty of the winery. “Qu” represents the winding Luming Creek adjacent to the winery while “He” corresponds to the harvest. The Liquor Village is situated in Beinan Township’s Chulu Leisure Farm area. The higher altitude and crisp fresh air result in high-quality crop growth. The “great mountains, great water, and great soil” together, result in a sweet and refreshing wine.

The owner of the Liquor Village is hospitable and welcoming, you’ll feel right at home as if you’re visiting a close friend! Sipping on some wine while listening to the origins and special traits of the winery, you’ll see why the wine has that extra special flavor. Chuang has been the leader of the Mingfeng plum production group for over a decade. This group’s goal is to increase plum crop production and promote this Taitung delicacy to the public. Chuang purchases these plums from Mingfeng Township and other neighboring farms at 50% above market value. He then makes them into pickled crispy and soft plums, plum vinegar, and other products, actively promoting the “Mingfeng” plum brand. Meanwhile, due to his great interest in wine and liquor brewing, Chuang has sought to improve his brewery skills at the National Pingtung University of Science and Technology. He continuously experimented with local produce and applied for liquor licenses. Finally, the Qu He Liquor Village passed all the strict regulations to become the first certified winery in Taitung.

臺東微醺小旅行 — 曲禾酒莊

You will find a wide assortment of liquors here at Qu He Liquor Village, including loquat wine, cinnamon liquor, umeshu, rice wine, and osmanthus wine. All of these specialty liquors are made with the highest quality fruit and produce grown in Taitung. When asked about the unique loquat wine, Chuang said, “Of course the cost of production is super expensive!” Loquat wine production requires more ingredients than other liquors. To make this liquor, Chuang concocted a special organic culture solution for his loquat farm. Besides loquats, the farms here have further experience with organic farming. The cinnamon liquor, umeshu, and rice wines are all certified by National Chung Hsing University to be pesticide-free and without chemical additives. You’ll taste the most natural and fresh flavors at Qu He Liquor Village.

You’ll be able to do much more than wine tasting at Qu He Liquor Village. The Liquor Village provides plum vinegar DIY courses. You’ll learn to use fresh Taitung plums, rock sugar, and fruit vinegar to produce a one of a kind plum vinegar. It’s an experience you won’t want to miss. Reservations can be made in advance to ensure a spot in this fun course. Those who are attending the DIY course will also be able to tour the organic farms nearby. You will gain a better understanding of the entire brewing process and get to taste pickled fruit handmade at the Liquor Village. (Photo Credit: Qu He Liquor Village)

(Driving under the influence is prohibited by law. No drinking for individuals under 18 years old.)

  • Address: No. 29-3, Luming Bridge, 2nd Mingfeng Neighborhood, Beinan Township, Taitung County
  • Contact number: 089-570-561
  • Operating hours: 09:00—17:00 (phone reservation required)