Happiness Soap – Soapolala’s natural handmade soaps

Does your skin always feel dry after you bathe? Soaps on the market today typically contain fragrances, preservatives, and other chemicals to prolong the shelf life to attain the desired look. These additives might irritate skin and are harmful to the environment. Soapolala is a Chishang brand that has worked hard to develop handmade soaps that are environmentally and user friendly. Each bar of soap expresses its passion for protecting the earth and care towards its users.

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Making Chishang’s handmade soap brand

“When you really desire to do something, the entire universe gathers together to help you.” The story of the founder of Soapolala, Chen Chiu-Chu, is a testament to this statement. Having lived in Chishang for two decades, Chen was the school nurse of Chishang Junior High School. She witnessed the school cooks dumping waste oil into the land. This prompted her to find ways to recycle waste oil into environmentally friendly soaps. She became invested in the soap industry and the rest is history. The brand Soapolala even received the Communication Design Red Dot Award in 2015.

Walking into Soapolala, you’ll see bars upon bars of colorful handmade soap displayed on the shelves as if you are entering a mysterious art gallery. The natural scents are extracted from plants, a refreshing change from synthetic fragrances. Chen shares her soap stories, the great time and the effort that she poured into collaborating with local handmade soap workshops. After years of hard work and collaboration with Lovely Taiwan, Soapolala was invited to join Smile Taiwan’s 319 Alliance, making Soapolala another representative brand of Chishang alongside Chishang Rice.

All-natural handmade soap experience

All-natural handmade soap experience

To ensure the quality of the handmade soaps, Soapolala spares no expense to source reputable materials. A mixture of more than a dozen edible natural oils is used to make the soap. Select plant-based powders and essential oils are added to the recipes to suit different skin types.

Chen has invested so much during this entire journey, but she has enjoyed the ride. She says that the most important thing is to enjoy the process and “Give it a try,” she says. She made Soapolala into an interactive workshop creating many DIY courses making her Happiness Soap, Glass Soap, Lip balm, and mosquito repellent. The Happiness Soap DIY course allows customers to make a unique soap out of all-natural ingredients. They can use special stamps to engrave a message onto the soap and the finished products become vibrant and colorful artwork that can be hung as decoration. It is great for personal use or as a gift.

Address: No. 191 Renai Rd. Chishang Township, Taitung County
Phone Number: 0933-486-656
Operation Hours: 09:00 – 21:00
Website: https://www.facebook.com/soapohlala