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A Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Night Market Experience – Taitung Tourism Night Market

Visit night market is a part of Taiwanese life. Due to the coronavirus pandemic this year, Taitung becomes the most popular touristic place in Taiwan. According to the statistics of the Taitung County Environmental Protection Bureau, the quantity of refuse this June was 386 metric tons more than the same period last year. In other words, the increase of 12 to 13 metric tons of refuse each day causes a severe burden on the environment.

In order to remedy the situation, the Taitung County Government, Taitung County Environmental Protection Bureau, and Taitung Tourism Night Market Promotion Association have cooperated to foster a comfortable and environmentally friendly night market environment. Due to theirefforts, Taitung Tourism Night Market has been recognized as one of 22 eco-friendly demonstration night markets in the country, and has been awarded as a 2-stars market by the Ministry of Economic Affairs!


A Clean, Sanitary, and Friendly Night Market!

The Taitung Tourism Night Market is subsidized with high-pressure washers and oil-water separators by the central government.The equipment helps the night market create a more clean and enjoyable tourist place. The catering industry discharged the oily wastewater effect pipelines stoppage. Moreover, it also forms fumes, breeds bacteria, and causes severe pollution to the environment. The Taitung Environmental Protection Bureau has assisted a number of vendors in installing slag traps, filers, and oil-water separators to prevent oily sewage from flowing into the natural water system. In addition, high-pressure washers are now being used to thoroughly clean the environment of the night market on daily basis, vastly improving the environmental sanitation of the night market.

Bring Your Own Eco-friendly Dishware For a Discount!

Nearly 70 vendors in the Taitung Tourism Night Market have unanimously decided to responsibly promote the concept of eco-friendly. The vendors will not provide any plastic bags proactively. If customers want to purchase plastic bags, the fees paid will be donated to the Genesis Social Welfare Foundation to help the persistent vegetative state (PVS) patients. The total donated funds have reached 55000 NTDs. In order to encourage the public to reduce the use of disposable tableware or plastic containers, you can enjoy discounts and bonus packs if you bring your own tableware. Don’t forget to prepare your own eco-friendly tableware when you come to Taitung Night Market!

E-Payment Makes Shopping Quick and Convenient!

In order to implement more efficient and no-cash social trends, there are currently 18 vendors accepting electronic payments in the Taitung Tourism Night Market. Furthermore, the other 15 vendors are in the process of applying. Customers can use e-wallets to purchase which not only meets different consumption habits but also reduces hygiene concerns about making change.