The most relaxing place on Earth: Find yourself on a mini vacation in Taitung.

We’ve all been trapped at home for way too long because of the pandemic. You probably are looking forward to getting out into the world again. The following is a two-day trip to Taitung that we’ve put together for you. After restrictions are lifted, come down to Taitung for an amazing trip. On this mini excursion you’ll get to relax outdoors, enjoy Taitung’s arts scene and experience local indigenous culture.

Day One

Stray Bird 197-East Rift Valley Land Art Festival HeZuo Friendly Crops Paragliding at Luye Highland Bunun Tribe Leisure Farm Yuan Sen Applied Botanical Garden Traditional Indigenous Dinner Tiehua Music Village


1st Stop: Stray Bird 197-East Rift Valley Land Art Festival Millet School

The stretch of County Highway 197 from Chishang Township to Beinan Township takes you past miles of idyllic scenery. The endless expanse of rice paddies and terraced fields that you see along the way seem to be right out of a poem. Since 2019, the Soil and Water Conservation Bureau Taitung Branch has organized the “Stray Bird 197-East Rift Valley Land Art Festival” on this piece of pastoral land. The inspiration for this festival came from visionary Indian poet Rabindranath Tagore’s collection “Stray Birds.” This year, the festival has set up three art instillations in Luye and Guanshan. These pieces will draw visitors from far and wide to meander around Taitung’s East Rift Valley.(Learn More >>


2nd Stop: Secret Indigenous Cafe HeZuo Friendly Crops

After seeing all the beautiful instillations along County Road 197, head over to HeZuo Friendly Crops. Enjoy a cup of Kaadaadaan coffee and get lost in some dreamy contemplation. Kaadaadaan coffee emits a special fragrance only found at the farmhouses here. HeZuo Friendly Crops, which is located in Kaadaadaan Village, is more than just a coffee shop. It’s a workshop that promotes organic farming. The owner, Huang Han, is a young Amis that moved back to his hometown. He hopes to give back to his community through organic farming. Huang Han loves to share stories about village life with his guests. Come down for a cup of his special pour-over coffee. While you’re sipping, you can listen to Huang Han tell stories about local life and indigenous coffee culture. Hang out for the afternoon with Huang Han at HeZuo Friendly Crops. (Photo Credit:HeZuo Friendly Crops FB)

Address: No. 25-1, Zhongxing, Dianguang Neighborhood, Guanshan Township, Taitung County
Phone Number: 0934-254-225 (Advanced Booking Required)
Hours of Operation: 08:00-17:00 (Closed on Sundays and Mondays)
Suggested Duration: 1 hour

02_臺東縣政府提供-鹿野高台飛行傘 (2)

3rd Stop: Fly Through Taitung Paragliding at Luye Highland

Want to find out what it’s like to fly? If so, then paragliding is a must during your next visit to Luye Highland. Luye Highland is the east coast’s best location for aerial sports. At Luye Highland, you can enjoy paragliding year round amongst pristine natural beauty. Anyone can try paragliding with or without prior experience. The instructor will even help you put on your gear. When you launch, all you have to do is listen to your instructor and run towards the cliff. At the edge of the cliff, leap into the air with all your strength. In that moment, you’ll transform into a flying superhero. From way up high, enjoy a bird’s eye view of the East Rift Valley. Take in the beautiful mountains and rivers as well as the scenic farmland throughout Luye. This is definitely one of the most memorable things you’ll do during your trip to Taitung! (Photo Credit:Taitung Government)

Address: No. 157, Lane 42, Gaotai Road, Luye Township, Taitung County
Phone Number: 0917-075-990
Hours of Operation: 09:00-17:00
Suggested Duration: 1 hour


4th Stop: Experience Bunun Culture Bunun Tribe Leisure Farm

The Bunun Tribe Leisure Farm is located next to Luye Highland. The village runs this farm in their own special way. Through this, they’ve combined travel with traditional Bunun art and culture. At the Bunun Tribe Leisure Farm, visitors can get to know everything about Bunun life. During your visit, you’ll get a chance to enjoy some indigenous cuisine. After your meal, there are different cultural activities, such as weaving, leatherwork and archery, for visitors to try. Also, you can listen to the pride of Bunun culture, the pasibutbut, an eight-part polyphony. The Bunun Tribe Leisure Farm only preforms the pasibutbut when there are over 30 visitors. For those that are interested, please call for more information. (Photo Credit:Taitung Government)

Address: No. 191, Neighborhood 11, Taoyuan Village, Yanping Township, Taitung County
Phone Number: 089-561-211
Hours of Operation: 08:00-17:00
Suggested Duration: 2 hours


5th Stop: Herbal Medicine Garden Yuan Sen Applied Botanical Garden

You usually only hear names like white crane Ganoderma lucidum, polygonum multiflorum, native ginseng, gotu kola and Chinese cedar at a traditional Chinese clinic. Have you ever thought of getting a glimpse at what these plants actually look like before they’re picked? If you didn’t already know, Taitung is a major producer of herbal medicine. Yuan Sen Applied Botanical Garden showcases over 200 plants native to Taitung that are used in herbal medicine. The garden’s layout and tours were all designed with the visitor in mind. The way the garden is designed is quite thought provoking and interesting. Get to know everything about how herbal medicine is grown and used in a relaxing environment. You’ll also have the chance to feed some cute sheep and ostriches during your leisurely afternoon at Yuan Sen Applied Botanical Garden. (Photo Credit:Taitung Government)

Address: No. 8, Beinan Township, Taitung County
Phone Number: 089-570-011
Hours of Operation: 08:30-17:00
Tickets: Adults NT $200; Discount ticket NT $100
Suggested Duration: 1 hour

Taitung Tribe Restaurant

6th Stop: Traditional Indigenous Cuisine

Taitung Tribe Restaurant hosts a casual and inviting atmosphere where visitors can enjoy an authentic meal in a bamboo arbor surrounded by a wooden fence. It offers a variety of indigenous dishes such as crispy grilled chicken, roasted fish, pork barbecue, and seasonal vegetables. Come here for a to savor the delicious food as well as the gorgeous evening view from up in the mountains. (Learn More >>


7th Stop: Tiehua Music Village

Taitung is a place to find talented indigenous musicians with abundant creative inspiration. Since 2010, Fantasy Tiehua, located in the heart of Taitung, is converted from an abandoned old dormitory for Taiwan Railways Administration operators to a now a creative cultural center in Taitung. The three important components of Fantasy Tiehua which showcase the local culture are music performance, arts and crafts, and weekend creative market. It is definitely a must-see attraction for visitors. (Learn More >>

Day Two

Zhiben Forest Road → Slam Dunk Railroad Crossing → Lalaulan Millet Workshop (Lunch) → Nanhui Art Project → Moso-Bamboo Hiking Trail → Flower Tour on Taimali’s Jinzhen Mountain → John John’s Kitchen (Dinner)



1st Stop: Rejuvenating Stroll in Nature Zhiben Forest Road

Zhiben Forest Road is located in Zhiben Forest Recreation Area. This small road has preserved the surrounding beautiful ancient forest. If you feel like getting into nature, then visiting Zhiben Forest Road is a must. It’s easily accessible and filled with a wide array of plants and animals. Zhiben Forest Road is 11.5 kilometers long and is a part of Dawushan Nature Reserve. At the beginning of the road, you can look across the valley and see the hotels that surround Zhiben Hot Spring. As your journey ends, you get sweeping views of the Zhiben River. The entire trail is draped in lush greenery and has plenty of fresh crisp air. Also, you might encounter deer, monkeys, wild boar and other examples of Zhiben’s wildlife. (Photo Credit:IG@airnekao)

Address: Beinan Township, Taitung County
Suggested Duration: 2 hours


2nd Stop: Reenact the Taiwanese Version of a Japanese Anime Slam Dunk Railroad Crossing

When talking about which spots in Taitung have that special hint of Japanese flair, Slam Dunk Railroad Crossing in Taimali always comes up. “Slam Dunk” is a Japanese anime that many Taiwanese middle schoolers watched in the 90s. In the series, there’s a famous scene where some of the main characters wave at each other at a railroad crossing. Inspiration for the scene in the anime comes from a neighborhood in Shonan, Japan. Despite this, Slam Dunk Railroad Crossing in Taimali looks almost exactly the same, down to the signs, gates and azure blue ocean in the background. This striking similarity has turned this spot into a mecca for anime fans. When you visit, you can act out the scene from Slam Dunk or just enjoy the beautiful ocean view from the tracks.

Address: Township Road 63, Taimali Township, Taitung County
Suggested Duration: 30 minutes


3rd Stop: World-famous Indigenous Millet Wraps Lalaulan Millet Workshop

Cinavu is a traditional Paiwan millet dish wrapped in plant leaves. The Lalaulan Millet Workshop was rated one of Taitung’s top 10 indigenous restaurants of 2020 because they make the best cinavu in the country. On a visit to the South Link, trying out cinavu at the Lalaulan Millet Workshop is a must. When making Cinavu, chefs use the leaves of local plants to wrap up tender millet and savory pork. This combination of flavors has a tantalizing aroma. Once you take your first bite, your cinavu will quickly disappear from your plate before you know it. In addition to cinavu, Lalaulan Millet Workshop also has other delicious fare, such as roselle fried chicken and roast meat with fermented millet marinade. An indigenous feast at Lalaulan Millet Workshop is something you must try on your next visit to Taitung. (Photo Credit:IG@hsin__61)

Address: No. 21, Taimali Township, Taitung County
Phone Number: 089-782-547
Hours of Operation: 11:00–16:00 (Closed on Sundays and Mondays)

10_Strijdom van der Merwe及周聖賢「通往天堂的階梯」-2.JPG

4th Stop: Nanhui Art Project

A trip to Taitung is in order after the pandemic subsides. As you travel along the South Link Highway, you’ll discover a new side of southern Taitung County. The theme of this year’s Nanhui Art Project is “Sicevudan.” This is a Paiwan word that means “converge with the source.” Sicevudan symbolizes the power of art to overcome ethnic and regional differences. The Nanhui Art Project has invited 14 well-known groups of Taiwanese and foreign artists to participate. Through their instillations, these 14 groups will reflect the culture and characteristics of different parts of the South Link. The event has also gotten local indigenous youth involved and given them the chance to display their unique energy. (Learn More >>


5th Stop: Taimali’s Secret Trail Moso-Bamboo Hiking Trail

Before you head to Jinzhen Mountain, you’ve got to check out this secret spot that only the locals know about. A visit to this path is like taking a serene stroll through the outskirts of Kyoto, Japan. The leafy bamboo growing on both sides of the path form a lush green tunnel. Listen to a soft breeze rustle through the leaves as the bamboo gently sways amidst a gentle cascade of sunlight. A short walk here amongst this poetic scenery will put your mind completely at ease. This 50-meter path is relatively flat. Walking the whole length and back will probably only take you 10 to 20 minutes. (Photo Credit:IG@yaoting33)

Address: Jialun Industry Road, Jinfeng Township, Taitung County


6th Stop: Flower Tour on Taimali’s Jinzhen Mountain

During summer time from August to October the top of Daylily Mountain is covered with waxy yellow blooms Walking up the hill, visitors can look at the gorgeous flower sea from above When the yellow golden blossoms sway together in the breeze against the backdrop of a clear sky, it is easy to get lost in such a beautiful picture You can also stop by Millennium Pavilion, Breasts Peaks and Maple Trail because they are pretty attractions as well(Learn More >>


7th Stop: Taitung’s Favorite Western Restaurant John John’s Kitchen

John John’s Kitchen only opened in 2019. However, this newcomer to Taitung’s culinary scene has already been making waves. No matter what day of the week, the restaurant is always packed. Making a reservation is the only way to get a table here. Most of the menu features Italian and other Western cuisine. The beautiful presentation of their risottos, pasta and steak makes them that much more appetizing. Also, the bread, sauces, other entrees and side-orders are all incredible. Some crowd favorites here, such as their pumpkin risotto and black pepper pork chop, require you to phone in your order in advance! (Photo Credit:IG@johnjohns_kitchen)

Address: No. 409, Zhengqi Rd. Taitung City, Taitung County.
Phone Number: 089-336-876
Hours of Operation: 11:30–14:30, 17:30–21:00